Present Indefinite (= Simple) Tense

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Present Indefinite is formed by means of the 1st form of the verb (adding –s or –es to the 3rd person singular).

For example:

I live in Russia.
He (she, it) lives in Russia.
They live in Russia.

I do not live in Russia. (don’t)
He (she, it) does not live_ in Russia. (doesn’t)
I do not live in Russia. (don’t)

Do I live in Russia?
Does he (she, it) live_ in Russia?
Do they live in Russia?

 Cases of using:

1. Permanent situations or states
She works  as a nurse.
He owns a big house.

2. Repeated or habitual actions (often, usually)
She usually gets up at 7.30.

 3. Permanent truth or laws of nature
Money doesn’t buy happiness.
Water freezes at 0 C.

4. Timetables or programmes (with future meaning)
The match finishes at 7.45
The plane leaves at at 6.45.

 5. Reviews, sport commentaries, dramatic narrative
She acts brilliantly in this film.

 6. Proverbs and sayings
The charity begins at home.

Time expressions used with:
every day/week/month/year, usually, often, always, rarely, never, sometimes, in the morning/evening/afternoon, at night, on Mondays etc

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