Present Continuous Tense

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Present Continuous is formed by means of the auxiliary verb to be in Present Tense and a verb with ending — ing.

For example:

I am living in Russia now. (I’m)
He is living in Russia now. (He’s)
They are living in Russia now. (They’re)

I am not living in Russia now. (I’m not)
He is not living in Russia now. (He’s not)
They are not living in Russia now. (They’re not)

Am I living in Russia now.?
Is he living in Russia now?
Are they living in Russia now?

Cases of using:

1. Temporary situations
They’re staying at the Park Hotel at present.

 2. Actions happening at or around the moment of speaking
She is looking for a better job.

 3. Repeated actions with “always” expressing annoyance or criticism
She is always interrupting me.

4.  Fixed arrangements in the near future
The Browns are visiting us tonight. (It’s all arranged)

 5. Changing and developing situations.
His English is getting better.

Time expressions used with:
now, at the moment, at present, nowadays, today, tonight, always, still etc

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