Past Indefinite (=Simple) Tense

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Past Simple is formed by using the 2nd form of irregular verbs or ending -ed  for regular verbs.

For example:
I did it  yesterday.
They did  it yesterday.
He came yesterday.

I did not do it  yesterday. (= didn’t)
They did not do it yesterday. (= didn’t)
He did not come yesterday. (= didn’t)         

Did I do it  yesterday?
Did they do  it yesterday?
Did he come yesterday?

Cases of using:

1. Past actions which happened one after the other
She sealed the letter, put a stamp on it and posted it.

2. Past habit or state
He used to go/went to school on foot.

3. Complete action or event which happened at a stated past time
She called an hour ago. (When? An hour ago.)

4. Action which happened at a definite past time although the time is not mentioned. (This action is not connected with the present.)
Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays. (Shakespeare is now dead; he won’t write again. — period of time now finished)

Time expressions used with:
yesterday, last year, last month, last week, long ago, when, in 1967 etc.

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